- staying zafe together...

- staying Zafe together

We invite you to join an online + physical meetups/workshops community with focus on practical IT security to avoid common problems, raise your own efficiency, prevent unnecessary vulnerabilities and potential data loss, as well as protecting you against the damage a databreach or the like may bring to your meticulously earned reputation.


Google will start enforcing two-factor authentication ("2FA"/"TOTP"/"SecurityKey") from November 2022.
Important insight..:




Competence - MOMOC-zone's 12 Competence areas, collaborative security: how a community helps us to stay sufficiently updated, open-standards, quality-control, auditing, reviews, transparency, naivity, (good/bad) habits (and all the difference just a small tip/insight might mean), USB, firewalls, networking, hacking, laptops, tablets, smartphones, computers, raspberry-pi, encrypted file containers, linux, live-usb, smarter passwords (and tricks to write them down safely so nobody but you can 'make sense of that note), secure-messaging, file-management, Linux, NextCloud, content-management, cPanel, shared-hosting, VPS, community-management, two-factor / two-step / multiple-second-factors, FIDO-alliance secure authentication standards, etc.


databreach, bugs, tips, insight, best-practise, learning, Android, 2FA, U2F Universal-Second-Factor (FIDO standard, incl. "WebAuthn"), Security-keys, TOTP (smarter/more flexible "Google Authenticator alternatives"), Yubikeys, HOTP, MFA, challenge-response, security-stories, etc.

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